Help & FAQs

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I've forgotten my Username or Password. What can I do?

If your log in information isn’t working and you have forgotten your username OR password, click on the Forgot Login? link in the bottom left footer section. Select either the lost username or lost password box, fill in the requested information and the security code, click submit and your username/password will be emailed to you at the email address you provided when you registered.

I've forgotten all of my details, including which email address I signed up with. Can I recover my account?

If you have forgotten all of your information, please contact us, using our regular contact form, stating your full name and preferred email address along with any other details you think will help us identify your account. Your username along with a temporary password will be emailed to you within 24 hours to the preferred email address that you give. Instructions on how to change this password to something of your choice will be included in the email.

How do I upload a profile picture?

We recommend headshots are used for profile pictures. To upload one, after logging on go to Profile, then Edit Profile and select the Photo tab. From here, select the Upload New Image option, pick the photo of your choice and select Upload. You can then click the blue Update button to save. 

How do I search for and contact another member?

Detailed Search:

To search for an individual, log on and go to Members - Search Members. This will bring you to a screen where you can either scroll down and review the members who are listed in order of most recent log on.  For a more detailed search, click the "Search Users" option. When this option is clicked you will be brought to a screen. On this screen, you can search by first name, last name, country, state, city, summary of activities, employment status, current employer, prior employer or discipline to find the member or members you seek.

If you wish to search using a key word like consult or professor you can enter a key word in the summary of activities.

Quick Search:

You'll notice a Quick Start menu appear on the right of your screen throughout various pages of the website. You can use these links to perform a number of searches. For example, clicking the "See all members" option will bring you to the detailed search options mentioned above. Clicking the Who's Doing What option will bring you to a screen where you can search by this field.

To contact someone:

After verifying that the individual you wish to contact is registered with us, and after locating their profile on the database, click on their name. Their profile details will then appear above a small box saying “Quick message”. Type your message in here and click “Send message”. This will then send automatically to the alumnus you wish to contact.

How do I subscribe to recieve eCommunications?

To receive eCommunications automatically, log on to the site. You can then either go to the Newsletters tab, fill out your email address, first name and last name and then hit Subscribe. You can also access this subscription feature via the Quick Start menu mentioned above.  You will automatically receive all newsletters.

How often are eCommunications distributed?

Our eCommunications are distributed when we have job opportunities to share, are promoting an event, or have press and media updates we wish to share. 

Whom do I contact with news or an update?

We are always interested to hear from you. Send an email to with your news and we will reply to you with options detailing how best to share this information.

Where can I find out about upcoming events?

We always mention upcoming events in our eCommunications, as well as in prominent locations on the site. Find additional information by going to the Events tab on the website.  By clicking on an event you can see the details, who is currently scheduled to attend, and RSVP.

If I want to post a job opportunity how do I do this?

If you wish to post a job opportunity please send us an email with the title of the position you wish to promote, a contact name and email address, the job details, deadline for applications and how you wish to be contacted to We can provide you a list of potential candidates upon request and discuss with you how you wish the job to appear on the site; as a latest news item, in an eCommunication or in a link on our home page.

ACS forwards any resumes we receive in response to the job advertisement to the contact person you give us. We then send a confirmation email to the applicant and inform them that if the company/person sees a fit and wishes to take the application further, they will contact the applicant directly.

How can I sign up as a consultant?

One of the services we provide for ARCO Alumni members is the ability to indicate that you are available for consulting. To do so, follow the steps below.




Your profile will then say that you are available for consulting, and those who are looking for consultants will be able to see that you are offering your services. 

How can I find a consultant?

If you're searching for a consultant, follow the steps below.






You will then see a list of results based on the filters you applied. You can click on the members you'd like to contact, and reach out to them about the consulting services you require. 

Can I invite someone else to join?

Yes, you can email your contacts asking them to register if they are an ARCO Vastar Alumnus, or you can log on and use our Invite Others feature which is under the Members tab and called "Invite others to Join."

Why is some information missing from my connection's profile?

When people register with us, some fields in the online registration form are mandatory and some are optional. You can go back and fill out some optional fields if you'd like to provide more information about yourself.

How can I find out details of changes to my ARCO Pension Plan?

If you have been informed that your ARCO Pension plan has been changed to a BP plan, you need to contact the BP Benefits Center. You can either:

A) Contact the BP Benefits Center online at:, or

B) Speak with a Benefits Center PSR (Participant Services Representative). Within the U.S. call 1-800-890-4100 and from outside the U.S. and Canada call 1-312-843-5290.
Participant Services Representatives are available Monday - Friday, 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M., Central Time.