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Houston Happy Hour Breaks Attendance Record

May 06 2014 Be the first to comment!

storyIt was an exciting happy hour in Houston, with so many people attending that we spilled out of the reserved room into part of the restaurant. See the Houston event pictures when you log on.

The crowd included a number of individuals attending from out of town. Wes Enders drove in from Austin where he now practices patent law with his firm O'Keefe, Egan, Peterman & Enders. Michael and Genna Phillips live in Los Angeles where Michael works for Shell. Herb Vickers drove in from Lafayette, and John Kaldi, was in town from Adelaide, Australia. John was pleased to meet up with friends including Mark and Jeannie Gresko. Mark joined ION Geophysical seven months ago where he is Director, Geology and Geophysics.

Jim Johnstone, CEO of Contek Solutions, one of our long time event sponsors, was in from Plano, Texas. Other sponsors included Advancial, AWS, Noble Energy and SM Energy. In addition to CEO Tony Best, SM Energy was represented by Christopher Simon. Barry was there from Noble Energy with his wife Kathy.

Two ARCO alums were at both the Houston and Denver happy hours: Mark Sooby, Bank of America and Tony Best, SM Energy.

Tim Seidel was wearing an ARCO tshirt, and other individuals we see annually included Rob Spaeth, Jr. with Marathon Oil Company; Christy Reddick, Petrofac Services; Doug Peck, BHP; Michael, Halcon Resources and Ann McKee; and Keith Lynch, COP.

Jim Hewlett is with Common Resources and Jim Jackson left ResTech for NPA. Marty Robinson and Craig Moseley had not seen one another in 29 years. Marty is with Saudi Aramco and Craig retired from BP in 2010 and launched Photos by Mose which he told us keeps him busy. Leon Codron, former head of ARCO Indonesia formed Energy Security Partners.

Frederic Simmons, working at BP, spent his ARCO days in Anchorage working for Jim Davis. Frederic shared with Jim how to this day he remembers a work philosophy Jim shared with him. "I brought him a deal and Jim said 'What is it? Why do I want to do it? How much will it cost? And how do I get out of it?'". Shares Frederic, "That is pretty much what any executive wants to know for any proposal you bring. I have perpetuated that philosophy through to today. ARCO was a gifted and talented workforce and this philosophy is one of its many legacies for me."

BP employees in attendance included Rick Alletag, John Eldred, Barb Gillespie, Mohan Kudchadker, Carl Steffensen, John Morgan, Windi Hinton, Bill Hill, Tim Seidel, Merne Rousey, and Karen Lubke.

We hope to organize a downtown Houston event in the fall. Some of the individuals who came from downtown included Chevron employees Ben Bloys, John Gillespie and Tim Woelk, and David Dubois and Steve Uchytil, Hess Corporation.

Career updates from those who were unable to make it include Tom Lahouse who is serving as the VP of HR for Global Geophysical. "Global was a significant investor in Aperio. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in attracting additional investors so we closed the company in late 2012. At that time, Global asked me to rejoin them in this new role," said Tom.

David Novak is at at Ecopetrol in the Williams Tower (galleria area) where he is the Team Lead, WGOM (Western Gulf of Mexico).

See the full list of attendees here.

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