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David Hooks (ARCO O&G 1985-1992, ARCO International 1992-1996) has recently completed renovation of a 1937 Sinclair gas station in Henrietta, Texas. After leaving ARCO in 1996, Hooks spent 25 years with DeGolyer & MacNaughton in Dallas, Texas. After purchasing some property in 2009 near Henrietta, the Hooks started acquiring and renovating buildings in Henrietta. The third and fourth buildings happened to be a 1937 Sinclair station and an associated oil distribution building.

A number of years were required to purchase the Sinclair buildings, but eventually the family decided the time was right to sell and then the work began. The buildings had been previously used as an inspection station and a beauty parlor, and had fallen into advanced states of disrepair over the years. Virtually every window and door had been covered or bricked over and were all restored and refitted. Each building was demoed, then new plumbing, electrical, insulation and HVAC installed. The exterior of the buildings had been painted completely over, requiring both to be pressure washed to remove the brown paint. The original Sinclair green tiles that were broken or missing were replaced, the original tile roof was replaced, and the original bright white exterior repainted. Porcelain signs duplicating the 1937 signs were commissioned and installed in the original locations. This website shares the progress made as the buildings were cleaned up and repurposed.

Eventually, the two buildings will be transformed into some sort of coffee shop and/or retail establishment, but currently they are used as meeting venues. The area between the two buildings is being closed in, with both ends of the enclosure designed to be opened to let air circulate on nice days.
Restoring the Sinclair was a challenging and rewarding project- the buildings are such recognizable architectural examples of the 1930’s Sinclair stations they deserve to be returned to their original state. While the Sinclair is almost complete, Hooks has already begun work on another station- a 1930’s Texaco across the street.

We happened to end up renovating a 1937 Sinclair station  - David Hooks

The broken or missing green Sinclair tiles were replaced   - David Hooks




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