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Bill Keffer

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Bill Keffer’s practice has specialized in the area of environmental issues confronting the oil-and-gas industry since his tenure with Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) over 20 years ago. Whether it was managing a 100+ case docket as in-house counsel for ARCO, or handling complex, multi-million dollar cases as a partner with Gardere & Wynne, or in his current capacity as a specialty-practice lawyer in his own office, Keffer has handled just about every kind of environmental complaint affecting the oil-and-gas industry. He has handled matters in state and federal court and before state and federal agencies. He has handled complaints and lawsuits in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and California.

Keffer can handle these matters as lead counsel, but most often serves in a more specialized role as expert counsel, supplemental counsel, strategic counsel, or as counsel in charge of special projects. Because of his experience both as in-house and outside counsel, Keffer has a particular aptitude for working with company personnel. Because of his extensive experience in identifying, retaining, and working with experts and consultants, Keffer is often involved in the strategic preparation of the technical part of these cases, allowing lead counsel the ability to focus more of their attention on the constant demands of litigation and the courtroom.

Keffer continues to provide support for Chevron and BP in some of their ongoing environmental litigation in Louisiana. In particular, Keffer has specialized experience and knowledge in the areas of groundwater contamination and claims involving NORM (naturally-occurring radioactive materials) contamination.

Keffer also provides services involving any site-related activities, including investigations, assessments, sampling events, due-diligence reviews, pre-acquisition reviews, and remediation operations. Keffer has access to a team of independent professionals in numerous disciplines, which enables him to organize the right team for any situation.

Keffer can work behind the scenes, with in-house counsel, with lead counsel, with local counsel, and every combination in between. Keffer’s practice affords him the ability to be flexible, responsive, and affordable. He can be a part of cases right here in Texas, as well as in any other jurisdiction in the country.

You can find out more about Bill Keffer and his practice at Please call 214/696-2050 or email with any questions.

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