• Members Share Memories Members Share Memories
    24 February 2023 : 13:08
    Members updated their profiles and pictures including Tony Webb, Catherine Weidenfeller, Charles Smith, Rosana van der Grinten, Norman Nadorff and…
  • Houston Networking Happy Hour Houston Networking Happy Hour
    08 January 2023 : 16:20
    Let's Get Together on Wednesday, April 26 from 5-7:30pm at Fratelli's. To learn more, and to RSVP, log on and…
  • ARCO Alumni Take the Helm at SPE ARCO Alumni Take the Helm at SPE
    21 October 2022 : 03:12
    Congratulations to Med Kamal and Terry Palisch, the 2023 and 2024 SPE Presidents, respectively.  Med Kamal worked at ARCO in…
  • Denver Event Denver Event
    14 September 2022 : 05:33
      A special thank you to ACS, Advancial, Liberty Resources, Ryder Scott and our legacy leaders, Bill O’Brien, Steve Enger,…
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